LT Technologies offers the following services to our clients:

Information Technology Solutions

Computer & Server Support

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network and Server Installations

Network Support, Wireless, and Wired

IT Support Contracts

Email Hosting, Internet Connectivity & Mobile Support

Data Recovery and Virus Removals

Support for Remote Workers

Notebook and Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

IT Services & Consulting

Free IT Assessment and Network Audit

Cabling Services

Inventory and Infrastructure Management

LT Technologies provides full inventory assessments. Capture and maintenance services are also available, and this includes the Asset Manage software package. We offer off-site monitoring and support, and backup and archiving services.


Connectivity Solutions

LT Technologies assesses the needs of our clients in order to identify the correct connectivity solution. We will help you design, implement and deploy the most suitable option for your environment. We aim to provide our clients with a cost-effective connectivity solution that is optimal for their environment and can improve efficiency.

Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Contracts

LT Technologies deploys and maintains a custom service and support solution for your network and office IT infrastructure, based on your needs and your budget. This is an on-going service that runs from installation and includes training and support.

We will streamline your operations and cut your monthly costs while advancing your IT infrastructure.


Value-added Features

LT Technologies is remarkably flexible and we offer many value-added features such as:

No after-hours or overtime charges

Unlimited free personal IT support for your employees

Huge savings on hardware and software for our clients

A full inventory solution

Software license management

Custom Agreements

Our service level agreements are custom written to conform to the client’s exact requirements and needs.

Costs are dependent on the size of your infrastructure, network and the elements you want to include in the agreement.

Cost scaling ensures that you are not overpaying for services.

We offer services from basic telephonic support and remote back-up to full-time on-site personnel solutions.