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Why Choose Us

Help the public and private sectors meet their objectives in service delivery, and to become a leading agent in the economic transformation of South Africa, by providing services effectiveness and efficiency of our clients. 

Our mission is to become the leading strategic service provider of choice to our customers in different markets. We uncompromisingly seek to meet and exceed customers’ expectations by being committed to service excellence.

Committed to the following values to guide our behavior, interests, and decisions. Offering  IT consulting such as network design and deployment, communication and collaboration solutions as well as change management etc.

What Do We Offer

Inventory and Infrastructure

LT Technologies provides full inventory assessments. Capture and maintenance services are also available, and this includes the Asset Manage software package. We offer off-site monitoring and support, and backup and archiving services.

Value-added Features

LT Technologies is remarkably flexible and we offer many value-added features such as unlimited free, personal IT support for your employees, huge savings on hardware and software for our clients, a full inventory solution, and software license management.

Custom Agreements

Our service level agreements are custom written to conform to the client’s exact requirements and needs. We offer services from basic telephonic support and remote back-up to full-time on-site personnel solutions.